Now You Can Breath Under Water With This Small Device

Now You Can Breath Under Water With This Small Device

Holding the breath under water is one f the most hard challenge in the world. A common man can holds his breath for more then 20to30 seconds.
Many professionals are trained to hold their breath underwater for more then a minute, but they face many challenges to reach that level.But now anyone can do this with this brand nw invention.
You are no longer needed to held your breath in a general swimming pool or a small bath tub etc. But if you are adventures and fond of diving under deep seas, you are gonna need this one. Actually this device has a capability to extend your lungs air or able to deliver air to your lungs in water for more than a minute after end of your actual lungs air. This device stores air in its artificial lung and deliver it when its needed.

You think that one minute is not much time to consider, but its a lot for them who wanted to reach the places under water where nobody goes before. It’s initially costs estimated 30$ for it’s beginner pack