How Was 2016 For Technology Lovers? 8 Best Technologies of 2016

    How Was 2016 For Technology Lovers? 8 Best Technologies of 2016

    2016 was good enough for all technology lovers as they got many awesome technologies,including mobile phones,laptops,cameras and many other wonderful devices.Lets take a look to the flashback in 2016 !!!!


    #1: Snapchat Spectacles

    Snapchat Spectacles’s Features Will Blow Up Your Mind

    Snap chat is one of my favorite app. With this fun app I can post my pictures and my friends can get to know what I am up to. And guess what? They have introduced new spectacles. You can simply put on those spectacles on your face and click whatever you want to capture.



    #2: Sony Introduces First Ever Portable Zoom Lens For Smartphones

    Sony Introduces First Ever Portable Zoom Lens For Smartphones

    Did you know about theses first-ever zoom lens and sensor combo that clips correct to your smartphone?. Now which you can get 10x towards the motion with your cellphone-and share photos immediately on-line for highest “likes” It’s under no circumstances been less complicated or more easy to seize and share specified moments in the wonderful best they deserve.



    #3: Apple Released iPhone7

    Apple Released iPhone7

    Apple confirmed on Wednesday 7, 2016, the design and necessities of the iPhone 7, the new model of its world-famous smartphone. The iPhone 7 and seven Plus were designed with all of the attributes that we noticed on rumors in up to date weeks and maintaining the important thing design concepts of the prior generation, being the major highlight its new finish, known as the corporation Jet Black.



    #4: Nokia Is Back!

    Nokia Is Back

    As everyone knows one of the nostalgic and noted names from world wide once we suppose of cellular or smartphones, the Nokia which is abruptly disappeared from the market after selling its mobile contraptions business to the tech enormous Microsoft.



    #5:Trading Your MacBook With Microsoft

    Trading Your MacBook With Microsoft

    Are you sick with MacBook and it’s no longer exciting update.Here is how to get rid By Trading Your MacBook With Microsoft by or its mean of getting $650 by Microsoft.Here is a brief detail and procedure for trading your MacBook.



    #6:Lenovo’s Affordable Virtual Reality Headset

    Lenovo's Affordable Virtual Reality Headset With Powerful Features

    Lenovo is working on a cheap price Virtual Reality headset that is fully compatible with windows devices. And you will be shocked after knowing its price. Yes according to lenovo it will cost $400 when they start sale. The device you will get be the cheapest headsets that will do a room scale.



    #7:Breath Under Water With This Small Device

    Breath Under Water With This Small Device

    Holding the breath under water is one f the most hard challenge in the world. A common man can holds his breath for more then 20to30 seconds.
    Many professionals are trained to hold their breath underwater for more then a minute, but they face many challenges to reach that level.But now anyone can do this with this brand nw invention.



    #8:Meet Acer’s Predator 21x, World Fastest Laptop For Gamers

    Meet Acer’s Predator 21x, World Fastest Laptop For Gamers

    Acer Revealed an awesome gaming laptop having 21-inch curved display, dual Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 graphics Cards and much more.We will in finding computer manufacturers are trying rough to make smaller and thinner computing device designs considering the fact that laptops are meant to be carried and a light-weight computer could make lifestyles a lot less difficult.