Top 10 Free Android Games 2017 You Must Try

We all have experienced the same thing almost every time,
that when I searched for a game that is amazing and I realized that it must be addictive for me.
But when you headed to download it and it shows the game is free but in app purchases that’s mean it’s no longer free.
So, you’re not in condition to pay for a game and don’t want to stuck on a level for paying money while playing the game.
All you need is the game that must be free, addictive, enjoying and even not in app purchases. So, without wasting your time in searching for best games and checking If they are actually free or not. You must checkout our list for best Top 10 Free Android Games 2017.
NOVA 3: Freedom Edition
NOVA is one of the best adventure and fighting game ever and even completely free.This game is full of challenges and very additive that’s why it’s at no1 on this list.
A mission passed to him to free the earth from the aliens. You can even invite your 12 friends to play with you in multiplayer mode. You should see the images below to see this game in action.
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Bombing Bastards
In this game, you need to set bomb in a maze-like map to finish up your enemies for heading to the next level.
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Fighting Tiger
Fighting games have always been my favorite. And this one is also an action fighting game with a lot of challenges. You will have to fight many enemies at once.
This game is also an adventure and action game. But unlike others it has more challenges like having incredible powers, fighting with different enemies and much more.
Survive is another adventures game and this game is for every age’s peoples. In this game, you will have to survive in a place as long as you can stay. Actually, this game is on a surviving character who need to keep an eye on everything around him to stay alive.
Below are some other interesting games those are actually free but in app purchases. But you don’t want to pay for anything so far until you want extra utilities within the game.
Candy Crush Saga
This game is the best ever game on app store. You need to have an awesome mind to play this game. You can play it offline or you can challenge your friends online to play this game against you. Candy Crush Saga has a huge number of users and got excellent reviews by its users.
Subway Surfers
This game is also a nice time killer and never let you bored. In this game, you have to run as far as possible passing all hurdles behind. An inspector and his will behind you so whenever you stop you lose.
8 Ball Pool
All snooker lover must have installed this game on their devices. Because this game provides you a snooker table on your mobile and has easy controls so you can enjoy the game.
Color Switch
Color switch, you can imagine the whole game by reading the name. This game is trending now and got awesome reviews by users. It’s not that easy as you think to play or cross its levels, but you can kill your time and enjoy this game whole day.
Pokémon GO
This game been very trendy in past few days. You have to follow the map navigation and find your Pokémon to trap him. Hit the below button to read this game’s full features and to install it on your device.