Chinese Hackers Hacked iPhone 6s And Google Nexus 6p, Won $215,000

Hackers additionally stole iPhone pix and exploited ios vulnerabilities.

Chinese Hackers Hacked iPhone 6s And Google Nexus 6p, Won $215,000

Essentially the most widespread competitors pwn2own, the place white hat hackers are invited to defeat any application program or hardware. Presently, Tencent keen defense lab crew hackers have gained $215,000 for hacking into iPhone 6s and nexus 6p.Hackers additionally stole iPhone pix and exploited  ios vulnerabilities.

A group of Chinese hackers called Tencent eager security lab crew won us $215,000 to perform three effectually exploits on the nexus 6p and iPhone 6s. They managed to hack the items at some point of pwn2owncontest run by means of utilizing fashion micro 0-day initiative (zdi)

the crew has gathered bigger than 1/2 the money supplied as a prize to everybody who would hack the contraptions nexus 6p and iPhone 6s. The hackers wholly broke the protection of nexus 6p, hackers have combined  pre-present android exploits along aspect a few extraordinary weaknesses in android os. Hence, they managed to put in a malicious program without requiring any individual interaction.

The zdi furnished them a whopping $102,500 for hacking into google’s nexus 6p. Then hackers approached the iPhone 6s and likewise managed to install a malicious app, but it surely did no longer continue to exist a reboot in view that of a default configuration placing, which averted persistence. The zdi awarded hackers $60,000 for the vulnerabilities they used this assault.

Eager kab additionally exploited  ios vulnerabilities through which they stole pix from the device and for this eager defense lab workforce was once furnished $52,500 with this the whole of $375,000 supplied from the trend micro’s zero day initiative, the eager lab crew researchers took home $215,000.





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